Download Order Pick Tickets

Download Order Pick Tickets are where orders go once “Released to the Distribution Center.”  Pick tickets are selected and printed from this page, before being moved to the floor for picking. Once Pick Tickets are released for picking, a set list of contacts will receive an email, notifying then that orders have been released, and are ready for picking. 

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Navigation: Orders > Download Picks

All new released orders will be listed in order of most recent, and will be arranged by pick wave (batches the picks were released in). 

- The order of the Pick Tickets may be re-arranged by Order ID, Customer Name, Start Date and Cancel Date ( by selecting on the green arrow beside each heading).  Each Order will show the Customer name, if the order is “Clear to ship” or placed in “Pack and Hold”, the unit count/line count, start and cancel dates.


- Once Pick Tickets are ready to print > check off "Download" > scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Download picks"


- A pop up screen will open up and load the Pick Tickets and once the Pick Tickets are loaded 100%, they may be printed.


- Pick Tickets will print in order of location within the warehouse; this can be changed so they are printed by SKU instead, select check box “Order Picks by SKU instead of Location”. Here all SKU Styles will be listed together, regardless of where they are located within the facility. Click “Download Picks” > A pop up screen will open up and load the Pick Tickets and once the Pick Tickets are loaded 100%, they may be printed.


- Once a pick has been downloaded once, it will no longer be visible on the Main Page, to see picks that have been downloaded once already, the “List All” button at the top left of the page must be selected. Picks downloaded more than once will have “# of times downloaded” listed beside the download checkbox.



Note: The recipients for the Download Picks email are to be set up under Advanced > Administration > Email Notification 

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