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Once orders are completed by the warehouse, the order details are updated through the Pick Manager or Update in calculating the freight and handling, creating a packing list and changing the status of the pick ticket from “Being Picked” to “Being Shipped” or “Pack and Hold”.

Click here for Video - Update Order

Navigation: Orders > Pick Manager or Orders > Update (Both options get to Pick Details) > Select Order > Load

- Orders are listed by order ID and Customer Name.


-  Once the order is selected and loaded, the orders “Pick Details” may be entered.  There are open and mandatory fields for Picked By, Checked By, Packed By, Location, # of Cartons, Weight and Freight Cost that must have a value.

*Note: If any of those fields are left blank the order will not update to Ship Manager screen.  


Ship with Lead Order: Orders may be teamed if they are shipping to the same location, and any other orders going to the same location will be listed in the dropdown. Only orders with identical Customer name and address can be teamed.

Waive Handling Charge and Waive Freight Charge can be checked off. Handling is calculated by the unit count on the order. Corresponding pricing can be set up in the Advanced > Administration > 3PL Pricing Features

Carrier: Options can be selected from a list in the the dropdown.

Freight Cost: Will need to be entered. Shipping Terms can be set up

*Note: Miscellaneous charges related to the packing of the order can also be set up as check boxes, (I.e. Rush fee, Pallet fee). They can be set up and managed through the Advanced > Administration > 3PL Pricing Features

- Once all the information is filled in the Pick Manager and the “Update Order” button is selected, a confirmation is displayed. Now the order will display in either Release PH or Ship depending on how the order was released.


Input Carton Numbers: 

You have the option to add carton numbers which is very useful when the order has more then one box and you can identify which units are in which box. Then a printable packing slip may be created.

- Click "Input Carton Numbers” it will bring up the order and allow you to sort by location or SKU.  There are open fields for carton numbers for each SKU > Click "Submit"  


 - The page will re-load stating "Successfully added Carton Numbers to Order # - Click here for a Printable Packing Slip. 


- Here is an example of a Printable Packing Slip with the carton # listed


Click here to view Video on Release Pack and Hold Orders

Click her to view Video on Ship an Order


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