Edit a Released Order

To edit the quantity of a not-yet been shipped, but released order (being picked):

  1. Go to Inventory > Adjust Orders
  2. Select the order in the dropdown > Load
  3. The Order will be displayed with the SKU, Description, and Order details with the number of Units Ordered, Backordered and Shipped.
  4. Enter the final number of units being shipped in the Actual Shipped column. 
  5. Click Update Order to complete.

The system will not allow you ship more than what was on the original order. The difference of quantity ordered - quantity actual shipped will be on a back order automatically. 

Example scenario would be if the customer ordered 7 and only have 6 available (misalignment of inventory, for example), you would deduct one unit and ship it. The missing unit will be on back order


To edit the order fully (order terms, freight/shipping terms, customer information, add new SKU to the order, etc), you must reverse the status of the order: 

  1. Go to Orders tab > Reverse Orders near the bottom of the page
  2. From the dropdown of released orders, select the one to be edited
  3. Click Go
  4. Enter reason for reversal. - reasons can be viewed on the Reversal Log
  5. Select Reverse To option
  • Option 1: Back to Stock - to return the order to the “Created Stage” which means back to the unallocated stage (quantity back into inventory ATS and CIS)
  • Option 2: Back to Stock - Remove Scanned Contents means it undoes any records where products were scanned into cartons. Only select this if you are using Scan and Pack within Blast Ramp. 
  • Option 3: Back to Pack and Hold - this option only appears if the order was placed in Pack and Hold prior to being released to shipping.

All reversals are logged with this information and can be viewed by clicking on “View Reversal Log.”

  1. Orders MAIN to edit an unreleased order. See Instructions to Edit an Order


 Tip: For quick view status of an order, go to view order, click Status


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