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Before releasing an order to the Warehouse floor, you will want to review and ensure no changes need to be made.  The Edit unreleased Orders option is available for editing Address information, Order Details and Order Contents.  

Click here for Video - Edit an Order

Navigation: Orders > Scroll down to Edit Unreleased Orders > Locate the Order ID and Customer Name > Load  


The Order details fields are open for edit. Depending on the user settings, some fields may not be open for edit. Check with your administrator if you have any questions. 

Tip: The Tax and Currency settings have a default setting for your portal which can be modified in Advanced. 


The quantity and price of Order Contents are also open to edit.

To add a new SKU by Style to the order, select the style of choice from the dropdown. Click Add to Order.

To remove a SKU/Style from the order, replace quantity entered with ‘0’

To apply misc. charges, discounts or credits to the order, looks for the appropriate field just below the order contents grid. Notes entered in the notes textbox will be displayed on the invoice.  

Contact your administrator or for more information about permission to edit an order. 


To save the changes, scroll up to the top right of the page and enter in the reason for editing. Click Save Changes. Then click LOCK to prevent accidental changes. 

Next step preview: 

Click here for Tutorial on How to Release Orders to DC



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