Order Processing from Brandboom

  1. Buyer visit presentations on Brandboom, and places his orders.
  2. Seller reviews and edits orders on Brandboom.
    To add Season Code to the order, Apply a Tag containing season code. 
  3. Create a tag in the format of "Season:[Blastramp season code" 
    Example: Season:SP17

    Then apply the tag to the order. 
  4. Make sure shipping date is entered
  5. Once the order is confirmed and finalized, set the order statuses to "Complete" and Export Status to "Export Ready" Inventory counts are tentatively reserved on Brandboom.

    If changes are made on Brandboom thereafter, the order can be re-uploaded to Blast Ramp by setting the order status back to complete and export again.
  6. Orders are collected and sent to Blast Ramp every minute. If an order fails the requirements in BlastRamp, the error is displayed in its order history on Brandboom. Alternatively, you can click the “BLASTRAMP” icon at the top of the the toolbar on the Brandboom orders page to initiate a push of the orders to Blast Ramp. If the order is accepted, it will appear in Blast Ramp.
    Note that there may be a delay of up to 30 minutes for the following fields to populate even after an order has been imported into Blast Ramp: Shipping Cost, Brandboom Credit, and Brandboom Discount fields. 
  7. Seller process and complete orders in Blast Ramp
  8. Product and inventory information will be updated from Blast Ramp every 15 minutes. Inventory level on Brandboom will match Blast Ramp's


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