Order Upload Integration

Orders are communicated between JOOR and Blast Ramp via FTP File transfer. JOOR uploads the order export onto a FTP server for Blast Ramp to import. All JOOR order numbers will be transferring into Blast Ramp with a leading "J.". 

There are two export options from JOOR:

  1. Automated scheduled task twice a day, at noon and at 5pm (may experience 30-50 min delay).
  2. Manually controlled by you in JOOR (may experience 15-30mins delay).


  1. Matching SKUs
    If one SKU is not found on the JOOR order in Blast Ramp, the entire order will be rejected by Blast Ramp. An error message will be forwarded from Helpdesk identifying the unfound SKU. 
  2. Season Code for Orders



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