How to Create a Purchase Order

Creating a Purchase Order will allow you to define and manage products produced by each of your manufacturers. There are two options: building one from your pre-books, and manually creating a Purchase Order. 

Please note a Purchase Order can only contain one Season's products. If you need to order SKUs from different Season/Linelist, please create a separate PO. 

Option 1: Building a Purchase Order from all Pre-books/Customer Orders

Blast Ramp is able to sum up quantities order by SKU through the Master Order Entry Report then create the purchase order directly.

Navigation: Inventory tab > (New or Old View) in the header > Select your Linelist > Select your Pricelist > Report Type select Master Order Entry (MOE) from the drop-down.




Tip: MOE from the old view gives the ability to view a list of orders associated to the SKU ordered by clicking on the quantity in the MOE report. New view provides error code if there are any issues with any SKU and have the option to display ALL quantities including the SKUs that have not been ordered.  

  1. For both views, select a single linelist only
  2. Select Master Order Entry in the report type
    This report will sum up all the units currently booked in the created orders for this season and provide a breakdown of units. 
  3. Click Create Purchase Order found on the upper right corner in blue
  4. A PO is created with all the unit count listed on the MOE report. The quantity boxes are open for edit.
  5. Once the quantity is confirmed and completed, select the Manufacturer, and enter a PO name (no space) and details.
  6. Click Create Purchase Order at the bottom of the screen.

  7. The PO is now found under Production tab > View ALL POs.



Option 2: Manually Creating a Purchase Order

Navigation: Production Tab > Create  

  1. Select or create the manufacturers address and contact information from the drop down.
    To create a new manufacturer, select New and fill all the information to add to the list. 
    The manufacturer will be saved to the list once the the PO is created. 


- Next the PO contents must be entered. Select the Season on this PO > Load 
- On the right corner, you will find a button Compact View

Compact View: Locks the purchase order headers, size scale and content. The Styles are in its own window with its own scroll. 

While viewing in Compact View, the button is Full View

Full View: The Styles are loaded in the same browser page and scroll bar. Advantage is you can zoom out and view the entire order easily. 

- The text box only exists if the SKU comes in the particular size outlined in the grid. Enter quantity to order in the text box provided (numerical values only).

- Once all quantities are entered, click Calculate PO Value button at the bottom of the PO contents to see the running PO total

The SKU values must be set up within the linelist for this feature to calculate the total value correctly.

- The PO Detail options are PO order #, PO Description, Terms, Shipment Carrier, Shipment method, Order Date, Ship Date, Expected Arrival Date, Cancel Date, and Comments. Once the PO details are selected and entered the Create PO button can be selected at the bottom of the page. Dates should be based on the full order. In the next section, we will explain how to create each inbound shipment. Within each shipment, a field is available for ship date, arrival date, and etc. 

- Once the Purchase order is created, it will display all the information for your reference and the contents will now show in the "Available To Sell" Inventory report to be booked into orders.

See tutorial How to create a Receipt from a Purchase Order once your shipment is on route to the warehouse.

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