Archiving SKU's via Mass Upload

It is a good idea to maintain the SKU database in Blast Ramp to ensure to keep the system at optimum performance. To do this, we recommend archiving the SKUs that are no longer active. 

Step 1: Create a linelist called ARCHIVE or CANCEL

Navigation: Advanced > Administration > Portal Setting > Linelists/Seasons

For detailed steps, see Linelist Creation Instruction


Step 2 option 1: Export the current linelist the SKUs are on into Excel. 

Note: Make sure the SKU's you want to delete do not have any active purchase order or sales order or inventory. 

Navigation: Advanced > Export > Export linelist in standard blast ramp format 

- Select the linelist > check off csv format > Export Linelist

- Once in Excel remove all columns except column 1 = SKU and column 2 = Season Code. Just have the SKU listed you want to delete and change column 2 to linelist called CANCEL.

Step 2 option 2: To individually select the SKU to move, use the Mass Edit function. 
Inventory > Mass Edit. 

Scroll to the bottom of the page to click SAVE


Step 3: Mass upload (same procedure as uploading a linelist).

Navigation: Advanced > Utilities >Upload Linelist via Copy and Paste from Excel

- Then copy the two columns and paste into the text box in the Upload Linelist page, map the two columns and Check off "Exact SKU"

- Lastly send us an email and we can delete those SKUs from that Linelist out of the system.





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