Managing User Settings

You can manage all the different areas/tabs in one area to ensure your users have the access they need.

Click here for video - Managing User Settings

A) For Single Portal user or Rep user:

Navigation: Advanced > Administration > User Settings > Manage user Settings.

B) For Full Access users:

Navigation: click go to centralized dashboard > Admin > Edit Existing

The area to manage the user account from are set up the same for both the dashboard user and portal user. Select user name > click Load User.

- Once loaded you will see the tabs in the portal reflect the below tabs to manage.

- Select a tab and all the options available to the user will pop up. You simply select the check box if you would like to give this option to the user or uncheck it to take it away.

 - Once you have update the user settings you must make sure you click SAVE after each section.





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