Create a Portal User

A portal user when logged in they go straight into the brand/DC and depending how they are set up could see the other DC locations as well.

Click here for video - Create a Portal User

Navigation: Advanced > Administration > User Settings > Add/Delete User

- New User's Name:The name which will be displayed

- Initial Username:* The name which will be used for login

- Initial Password:* The password which will be used for login

- Email Address:* 

- Phone #: (Optional)

- Give user multi-DC access?: If the brand has more than one location in our system. If you check YES they will be open to both. If you only want them created in one, create them in that portal.

- Give user full access to customers/orders?: They will have access to all tabs. 

- Click Add New User and message will display that you have successfully added new a new user.



Tip: Creating a limited / Rep user you do not select either questions and they will only have access to Order, Inventory Tabs and access to their customers.


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