Create a Multi Portal/Dashboard User

A dashboard user when logged in will see the brand(s) listed prior to clicking into one of them. 

Note: The administrator must be a dashboard user to set another dashboard user up. 

Click here for Video - Create a Dashboard User

Navigation: click go to centralized dashboard > Admin > Add New

- User's Name:* The name which will be displayed

- Initial Username:* The name which will be used for login

- Initial Password:* The password which will be used for login

- Email Address:*  

- Phone Number: (Optional)

- Skype ID: (Optional)

- DC User Profile:* Many options for you to choose from for the needs of the warehouse employee. If they are full access and can require all tabs you select

Full Access - Standard.

For curtain area's such as Data Entry / Shipper they will be limited to what they can do in the system.

- DC Access:Allows user to access all DC's or just one.

- Central Dashboard Access: Allows the user to have access to the tabs you see above.

Operations: Manage the Warehouse

Sales: New Leads

Support: Support Tickets

Administration: Create Dashboard users

- Click Add New User and a message will display you have Successfully added new user Full Access User.


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