Create a Replacement Order from a Return


You have the option to make a replacement order when creating a return.

Click here for the Video - Create a Replacement Order from a Return

Navigation: Return > Create

  • At the bottom of the Return Creation Page there is an option to "Create Replacement Order from Return" select this box and the terms for the order
  • Select Submit.

Section 1) Customer Details: Load the customer profile from the drop down menu and the customer details will populate.


- Under customer Type: you need to select either Dealer (a shop) or Consumer (a purchasing customer). 

Tip: You have the option to NOT Issue Notification the customer by just check off DO NOT Issue Notification To Customer.


Section 2) RA Contents: Select the Linelist > load.

- The SKUs will display with two columns to choose from FRST (First Quality) or DFCT (Defective).

- Enter the quantity beside the SKU being returned and reason for the return.


Section 3) Finalize RA:

- You can either manually enter an RA# or click Automatically Assign Next Default RA# for you

- Enter the Expiry Date

- Enter Comments (if needed)

- Select Rep Name (optional)

- Create Replacement Order: Check YES > Select Order Terms

- Click Submit



Within 5 minutes the Replacement order will be in your created orders.  It will have the same number as the return ex. RA 100 = RO 100

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