Scan & Pack Inbound Shipment Process

If your warehouse has the Scan & Pack module set up to ship out orders, they can also receive shipments as well.

Navigation: Please contact to get access to module.

Note: Must have a shipment created and released in Blast Ramp first.

- Enter your Username and password.

- Select Warehouse Provider from the drop down menu.

- Select Brand.

- Select Task Type, in this case Inbound.

- Select Inbound Menu, in this case Verification.

- Click No Label.

- Then re-select the Brand > Select the Shipment

- Start scanning your first product item by either the UPC or SKU that you want to fill that bin.

- The SKUs will display below with the current quantity Remaining vs. Qty Scanned.

Note: You an either keep scanning each product and the Qty Scanned will change or you can click Edit (beside the SKU) and manually enter the Qty Scanned.

- Once you have filled your first bin > click End Pickbin.

A label will display for you to print and stick to the box with a barcode to scan the location and SKU.

- Click Continue to do the next box. It will bring you back Scan SKU page, to start scanning your next SKU's until all products are scanned.

- Click End Pickbin once done with that shipment you are receiving.

In Blast Ramp go to Receiving > Finalize an Inbound Shipment > select the shipment > GO.

You will see that all the quantities are filled in and you just now finalize the shipment so the units will be available to fill orders.

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