Adding Categories to Products

Product categories are a great way to add more information when reporting inventory. You have the ability to add up to 5 different categories to your products and filter them when running your reports in the Inventory tab.

Click here for Video - Adding Categories to Product

Examples of product categories are:

- Manufacturers / Mens vs. Womens / Type of garment Tees, Pants, Shoes etc. When you select one it will only pull inventory for that category.

- Another area that you can use these product categories is in the Query-Inventory Report under the Reports tab. Just select those categories to generate your report.


Option 1: Manually through Mass Edit function.

Navigation: Inventory > Mass Edit > Select Linelist > Select your first Product Category (from Field to Edit) > GO.

- Then go back and add your next Product Categories as desired. Once done when you run your Inventory report, those categories will display as a dropdown option. 

Option 2: Mass upload with your linelist through the utility function.

Navigation: Advanced > Utilities > Upload Linelist via Copy and Paste from Excel

To add them with your linelist upload, when you create your template, run the macro on your output tab you can add the different categories in the blank columns (up to 5 max)

- When you do your upload map your columns (from section 1) by clicking "click here to view more upload options" to view the category fields to map those columns in section 2. 

- That will upload the information and create that drop down option as well under the Inventory report.

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