Credit Hold on Customer's Account

Sometimes in your business you need to put customers on credit hold even if you have orders in the system. This is a very easy step to put them on credit hold or take them off credit hold within the Customer Profile section. The credit hold feature on the customer account will block creation of orders for this customer, and block release of any booked order for this customer to the distribution channel. Both the order creation page and the release page display when a customer is on credit hold. This feature does not block orders that are already released to the warehouse being picked or in pack and hold.


Navigation: Customer > Select Customer from the drop down menu > View 

- Once the customer account is up you > Edit Account (Top left corner)



- Once unlocked go to section Additional Customer Details > check YES to Place customer on credit hold? > click SAVE.



- a warning is shown when creating an order for that customer with the credit hold


The order can be created, but it cannot be released. The Pack & Hold and Ship checkboxes are replaced with "on credit hold" 



- To take credit hold off, go back into the customer profile > Edit Account > uncheck Place customer on credit hold > SAVE


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