Inventory Location within Warehouse

Adjust Inventory Locations - This functionality is used to manage the transfer of product throughout the facility.


Once ready to transfer, the location of Products from Inventory, The SKU must be selected from the Inventory drop down or typed into the Search bar.  The Warehouse ID and Category ID options can also be changed by using drop downs.  Once the proper information is selected, select the “Load” button.

In the Inventory Transfer screen you will find the SKU, Description, and Quantity.  The location field will be open for editing.  There is also a “Reason Code” field if warehouse tracks inventory movements through codes, and a mandatory “Reason for Adjustment” field, to type the reason for why the change was made.  Once all applicable information is entered, the “Submit” button will make the change.

All Inventory transfers are logged and may be viewed by selecting the “View Latest Inventory transfers” link.  Up to 8,000 transfers can be seen and sorted by  by date.  The SKU, Computer Quantity, Actual Quantity, Change, Adjusted By, Reason Code, Reason, and Date are listed here.


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