Emailing Order Confirmation to Customer


You have the option to email an invoice to your customers two ways. One is to click the email link at the top of the page and the other is to save it as a jpg. and attach it to your email.

Click here for Video Tutorial


Option 1: Email invoice link (to be viewed in browser)

Navigation: Search by order in the search bar > Select the Order ID >

  1. Click Email found on the right top corneremail.png
  2. At the top left corner click "ADD"  and the email address will populate below. To add multiple addresses, type in email address in the text box and click Add again.
  3. Then click Send Emails(s). You should see Successfully sent Email(s)


- The customer will receive an email link of the order (Customer PO Summary). The link to view the invoice will also include Return instructions. 


Option 2:  Send invoice as an attachment

Navigation: Search by order in the search bar > Select the Order ID >

  1. Click Print Version
  2. On the invoice, right click and select Print 
    Depending on the type of browser you are using, instructions may vary. For Safari, IE and Chrome, you should be able to select Print to PDF or Save as PDF. For Firefox, you may have to install an add-on.print.png
  3. Select the file destination and click Save.
  4. Attach this file to the email message




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