Consolidate Customer Profiles

This function is usually used for web orders. When blast ramp is integrated with a webstore like Shopify, orders are automatically pushed to blast ramp. If blast ramp does not recognize the customer profile, it will create a new customer. As a result, you will end up a large amount of customers that you may not want recorded in blast ramp. 

To resolve this, blast ramp has a function to set a master customer to hold these web orders linking the orders by "order term". 

Part 1: Create Order Term to Link the Web Orders

  1. To setup Order Terms, go to Advanced > Administration > DC Setting section, Order Terms
  2. The name of the order term must be exactly the same (case sensitive) as your web store's order term. 
  3. Click Save

Part 2: Create Customer Master Profile

You may choose to create a new master customer profile or choose an existing one to be the master.

  1. To create a new one, go to Customers > Create a new customer 
  2. Customer Name - We recommend using a name like "E-COMM ORDERS" or "WEB ORDERS". In my example, I will use "WEB ORDERS CANADA"

    Please note the usual mandatory fields apply. Use hyphen to satisfy the requirement. 

  3. Select the newly created order term in Part 1 in Default Order Terms dropdown
  4. Select the desired Default Freight Terms
  5. Enter "0" in Default Product Tax and Default Freight Tax. The actual tax amount will be copied from your web store. 

 Part 3: Complete the Link

  1. Go back to Order Terms setup page
  2. Edit the Order Term you have created in part 1
  3. Select the master customer in part 2 in the Master Profile dropdown         
  4. Click Save 

Outcome: As web orders come in from your integrated webstore with the same order term as part 3, the system will consolidate all web orders under WEB ORDERS customer master profile.  





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