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SKU catalog sequencing is only in place so that on the order creation page, and invoice will shows the styles in the pre-defined sequence ei. as per your selling catalog. This is absolutely not a requirement. It is a two step process to set up 1. Create the sequencing and 2. Turn on the feature. Sequencing will affect all areas of Blast Ramp that display SKUs in the apparel format, regardless of date of input. SKU sequencing can be very finicky if not used and maintained correctly. 

Important Note: If you add a new size, color or carry over styles from previous seasons, you must re-sequence. 

Step 1: Create the number sequence

Navigation: Advanced > Administration > Portal Settings > Linelists/Seasons > Manage the sequence your SKUs are displayed in


- Load your oldest active linelist first.



IMPORTANT NOTE: You must Drag and drop the styles/colors into your desired order BEFORE you enter the first sequence ID. Or it will not save the sequence ID you enter. This will update how the styles are displayed on order creation and invoices.



- Enter the first sequence ID > click Save Current Sequence



- Refresh the page




- Now you will see your first linelist sequencing numbers. The system will sequence them in increments of 5, which gives you room if you added a new size or color later on.



- Then load the next active linelist and follow the same steps as above.



Step 2: Turn on the Catalog Sequencing feature on

Navigation: Advanced > Administration > Portal Setting > General > Sort SKUs in Catalog Sequence (check off) > Update



- Go to Order > Create > Load the linelist and you will see the sequencing you set up.





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