Order Details Overview

Order Management

The Order Management page is comprised of Order Details and Process Orders sections.  The Order Details portion is your essentials for all Order status and history, storing all created and shipped orders by Season, Order ID and Customer Name.  The Process Orders section is where order creation and day to day order functions are managed.  It is where sales orders are built, edited, picked, packed and shipped.

Order Details:

Allows you to view existing orders and their history. 


Current Region and Current Season:

Allows you to filter through data to a specific region or line list. Once these parameters are defined the data in the interface will display the associated results.  

Orders by ID and Orders by Customer Name:

When looking up orders, you will find dropdown options by Order ID and Customer Name.  These dropdowns list order information alphanumerically and can be filtered using the Current Region and Current Season dropdowns.

Note: Orders can also be brought up using the Search Bar at the top of the page.  

View My Customer List:

Allows you to bring up the customers you have access to in your portal.  This list is alphabetical and will list the Customer Name, Ship to Address, and Bill to Address and contact information. 


View Status of All Orders:

Allows you to view all orders built in the Ioperate.  This Page has several headings:  Order ID / Customer Name / Start&Cancel / Created/  Being Picked / Picked/ Checked / Packed / Shipped / Carrier / Waybill.  These headings can be used to Sort the Order information (by clicking on the heading then click the black arrow).  The information displayed in blue text on this page allows you gather more information.

ie. The order ID will bring up the Order if clicked, the Customer Name will bring up the Customer Profile and the Shipped date will take you to the carrier’s website for on-line shipment tracking.

This page also has a link - View Sales Summary (located top left), which provides information around the ordered Units, Terms and product Value sold.


View COD Reconciliation for Shipped Orders:

When an order is released with an amount for the carrier to collect (I.e.COD), it will be listed in this reconciliation page so that once a cheque is returned by the carrier, it will be matched with the amount released.


Updating the Cod Reconciliation Page: To update the Cheque amounts, simply click on the ‘Unlock’ link in the upper right hand corner of the page, which opens up the text boxes under Amount Received column. Once the amount is entered > click "Update". Once the Amount is saved, the ‘Received By’ field is automatically populated with your name.



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