Adding Products to an Existing Order

Once you have loaded your customer now you are ready to add your order contents. There are two formats to view your order contents, one by SKU Description Format and the other Apparel Format. 

Click here for Video - Adding Order Contents 

Navigation: Orders > Create  

Section 2) Order Contents 

View Option 1 - Order Contents SKU/Description Format: The SKU/Description format is the default for all portals. 

- This format has an open field entitled “Enter a SKU or Description," once 3 characters are entered click the tab button on your keyboard, and all relatable SKUs will displayed. 



- Once quantities and categories are selected, click “Post Product to Order” and the product will add to order Contents.


Section 2) Order Contents 

View Option 2 - Order Contents Apparel Format: For Apparel Brands the layout is an apparel matrix that has the sizing horizontally at the top of the page. 

- Select the Season/Linelist for which product you would like to fill the order with and select Load. You also have the option to Display Available to Sell or Current In Stock.


- Select the view you prefer to the right, either Full View or Compact View. (Compact view keeps the sizing headers and allows you to scroll through the Linelist).

- Units ordered may be entered in the appropriate text boxes on the Linelist grid.


- Once ordered units are entered, the order’s unit totally and total value can be calculated by selecting “Calculate Order Value.”

Next view preview:

 Click here for Tutorial on How to Add Order Details


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