Release Pack and Hold Orders

Releasing orders from "Pack and Hold" will notify the warehouse the order is ready to ship and will confirm the amount to be collected by the Carrier for COD orders. Normally credit card orders and COD orders are set to pack and hold.


Click here for Video Tutorial


Navigation: Orders > Release PH


The Release Pack and Hold Screen displays:

  • Order ID
  • Customer Name
  • Terms
  • Date Packed
  • Start and Cancel Dates



- The orders may be sorted Order ID, Customer Name and Start and Cancel Dates (by selecting on the green arrow beside each heading)

- There are links to view both the Invoice and ASN by clicking the blue “View” links. 


- When ready to Release Orders, the COD Amount to Collect Field must have a dollar amount entered, even if there is no payment to be collected (ei. Credit Card), a zero (‘0’) dollar amount must be entered > Click "Ship" > Click "Release"



- This will release the order to the Ship Manager screen where you will add the tracking # and any final notes before you set the order to Shipped status.

- An automatic email is sent out to a set list of recipients identifying that the order may now ship and the Amount of the Order.

*Note: Pack and Hold order release / COD Collect email can be set up in Advanced > Administration > Email Notification



Click here for Tutorial on How to Ship out order


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