Reverse an Order

Reverse orders are used to put orders back to stock from the “Being Picked” or put back to Pack and Hold from "Being Shipped" status. If the order has been shipped completely it cannot be reverse.

Click here for Video - Reverse an Order

Navigation: Orders > Reverse Orders (under Process Orders Section)

- Select the order from the drop down by Order ID and Customer Name > Go 


- Reason for Reversal: Here you enter a reason for the return is requested

- Reverse To: You may have up to two options to choose from dropdown.

  • Back to Stock - it will return the order to the “Created Stage” and put all inventory back to stock.
  • Back to Stock - Remove Scanned Contents -  it undoes any records where products were scanned into cartons. Only select this if you are using Scan and Pack within Blast Ramp.

- All reversals are logged with this information and can be viewed by clicking on View Reversal Log.




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