Create a Return from an Order

You have the option to create a return for the whole order within Blast Ramp. It's an easier way to create a return, as you do not need to key in every SKU line by line. This utility is good to use if you know the whole order is being returned from the original.

Click here for Video - Create a Return from an Order

Navigation: Advanced > Utilities > Create a Return from an Order

- Enter the order ID > Reason for Return > GO


- Enter the Return ID: (optional) is if the customer would like to reference one different from the one generated in Blast Ramp.

- The screen will show "Successfully queued a file for return creation based on the order below" by SKU, description, item quantities and value.


Note: This is a time delay process so it can take up to 7 minutes to generate depending on the size of the order.

- Once created you will see the RA# display under the Return tab starting with "ORD" then followed by the original order number.


- Now you are ready to inspect the RA# followed by Closing the RA# as per normal.

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