SKU Updater

SKU Updater tool allows you to update a SKU/style/color from its existing format to a new one. This utility will update the SKU and also update any orders the SKU is on (at any current status), any purchase orders, shipments and even returns.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The NEW SKU that you are updating it to is not already created in Blast Ramp. If you don't it will duplicate your SKUs and cause incorrect inventory levels ect.


Click here for Video Tutorial


Navigation: Advanced > Utilities > SKU Updater


Enter the following:

- Current SKU: What is currently created in Blast Ramp ei. 

- New SKU: What you want the new format to be

- New Description (if applicable): Enter new description if needed

- New Color Description (if applicable): Enter color description if you are changing the color code in your new SKU

- Limit to Warehouse: Either select Current Warehouse or if you have multiple warehouses you want to update this information select ALL Warehouses.

- Exact SKU: If the change you are making is per SKU ensure you check YES.

- Analyze right to left (useful for correcting sizing): If the change you are making is per SKU ensure you DO NOT check.

Mock Update (will not Save changes): You have the option to see your changes without saving it first, so you can make sure it's correct before posting the change. Leave it check YES to see a draft before commit it. Once you are happy with the informtion hit the back button and un-check it to save the changes.

- Click Update SKU


- A secondary page will display with the results the SKU was updated under Orders, PO's, Shipments and even Returns.

Note: To save results just right click and save document.

To update the next SKU click the back arrow and start over.









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