Uploading Inventory Transfers via Copy / Paste

This utility will allow you to transfer Inventory between warehouses by copy and paste from Excel. This should be used in a virtual warehouse environment. This cannot be used in a Piece/Case/Pallet environment, where 3PL billing is turned on.

1. From the originating warehouse, go to your Inventory tab - New Reports, and pull a "inventory cycle count report", and export the report to excel.

2. You will need to manipulate the file to the following format. You will need to remove the following fields: Description, released, total, count, and add some required fields in. Remove any SKUs that you will not be transferring.

Required columns, in this order:

Column A - SKU   (required)         Column B - Transfer Qty   (required)         Column C - From Location   (required)         Column D - From Warehouse   (required)         Column E - To Location   (required)         Column F - To Warehouse   (required)    
**See attached document for layout sample

- Warehouse ID can be found in your DC Address settings, and will typically be 0001, 0002, 0003, or 0004, and so on.

- Originating Shelf Location and Destination Shelf Location must match.

3. In blast ramp, navitage to Advanced - Utilities, and select the Upload Inventory Transfers - Copy/Paste from Excel utility.

4. From excel, copy all cells with data for the transfer - Do not include title row, or additional empty rows.

5. Paste into utility, and click upload.

6. If successful, the tool will display successful transfers. Any error will be displayed.

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