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Order Upload via copy and paste from Excel is a great utility in which you can import batches of orders from an excel spreadsheet at once. These orders must be presented in a flat-file format, meaning, each row is identical, with the same type of data running down each column.  The order of these columns does not matter, as you can specify exactly which fields belong in which columns.

See attached requirements / layout example document at bottom of page.

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1. Fill out the Excel template, copy the data.

Note: Hidden columns will still be copy pasted when moving data from Excel into Blast Ramp, so when counting columns, be sure to include hidden columns or just delete them.  Also, you'll want to ensure you only copy data fields, and not any rows with headers or any other extraneous information.


2. Navigation: Advanced > Utilities > Upload Orders via Copy and Paste from Excel 

If you have saved a form already,  you can load it using the top part of the form. Simply select the form you wish to load, and hit load. This will populate all the fields in the form as they were when it was originally saved.

Paste the data into the large text box "Paste Content Here".


 Note: Some columns won't accept data from the spreadsheet, and they are instead handled with a drop down menu.  If you have orders with multiple values for these columns, you'll need upload them in separate batches.  ie. each order upload can be for a single order currency, or order type.  

Map your columns under Order Details. The inputs on the left are for the column NUMBER (A=1, B=2).  The Default on the right is used if you did not put that information as a column, you manually enter the text in that field.  You can use both a default, and a column, and any fields that are empty will take the default value.


Map your columns under Customer Details and Item Details. 

Note: If the customer already exists in Blast Ramp you can select External Sales Account or Blast Ramp ID under Customer Details in System and reference that number below it.

- External Sales Account: You can retrieve this if it's filled out in the customer account under External Sales ID.

- Blast Ramp ID: You can retrieve that when you export your Customer list under Advanced > Export >  Export customer in standard blast ramp format. It will be the last column called Blast Ramp ID (don't delete).


The SKUs have to exist in Blast Ramp already for the upload to work correctly.

The final step. You can run the upload without the "Commit" flag set, and you will be presented with a summary of the orders without actually committing the orders to the system.


Note: If you wish to save your form as a new template, enter the name for the form, and hit submit.  If you are saving the form, then the contents of the copy/paste will not be saved, or applied.


Once you are happy with the results, and are ready to commit the orders, simply click the commit button, ensure the 'Save Form' field is empty, and hit 'Submit'.



Done! You will see a message that you have successfully uploaded the order. 


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