Upload Inventory Adjustments - Copy/Paste from Excel

Getting the Initial Data

The best place to access the data for making wide scale adjustments to your inventory, such as a line list cycle count, is from the Inventory Tab / Report type: Inventory Cycle Count.  This should be run on the '(New)' inventory reports.  You should also try to run this when there are no orders released, and unpacked, as it expects the count to be the number of units in a location, that haven't been assigned to an order.  If you have released an order, then the 'Available' count will go down, but if you have not removed the item from the location, it could be counted, and incorrectly added back in on the count.

To Export this data in to Excel, or another spreadsheet program of your choice, select the green 'excel' icon in the top right corner, and this will export the report into a spread sheet for you.

From here, all the work on the data will be in the spreadsheet file that has been exported.


The relevant columns are, Location, SKU, Available, and the new count for each and every line.  If you don't have a new count for a line, it shouldn't be included in the upload when doing the adjustment.


Before doing the upload you can remove the Description, Released, and Total columns. 




Uploading the Modified Data

The new numbers can be uploaded using the utility found in 'Advanced / Utilities / Upload Inventory Adjustments - Copy/Paste from Excel.


It is generally a good idea to leave the 'Commit Adjustments :' flag off for the first run, so you can review the results of the upload without committing the changes.  Once you are happy with the results, you can resubmit the upload, with the 'Commit' flag set, and you are all done.

Also remember, do not include any column headers in the data you paste,each row must contain a valid, Location / SKU / Old Quantity value.

The results of a good upload would look like this :



Moving product from an old location to a new one.


To move product from one Location to another, you would zero out the old location, and then move product into the new location, by using an 'old quantity' of 0.

E.g :


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