Setting up Customer Consolidation

This feature was implemented to allow Blast Ramp to consolidate all orders for a given Order Term to be consolidated onto a single customer profile.

Optionally, this can also be set up to automatically clear out any left over customers that have no orders or returns associated to them.


Step 1: 

Ensure you have a customer profile available to hold all these orders.  You can use any existing customer, or you can create a new one, with a name like 'Ecommerce Orders'  or 'Web Orders' or something along those lines.


Step 2:

Set up the Order Term, to reference this Master Profile. This can be set up in the Advanced / Administration / Order Terms Administration  page by editing the terms in question, in this case probably 'Web Store'.

In the edit screen you'll see a drop down menu for 'Master Profile' this is where you would select the Customer profile you want the orders to be merged to.

At this point there is a scheduled task that will run on an hourly basis, that finds any orders that the terms set up with a master profile and moves them to the appropriate customer profile.


For the option clear-out process, there is a new DC Setting / General / Customers setting, called Purge Customers with No Orders, or Returns.

On the same scheduled tasks that moves the orders over, it will drop any customers who have no orders, or returns. So when this runs, any customers who only had orders with order terms that were consolidated, and had no returns,  would be purged from the system.



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