Setting up Size Scales

To manage your size scales, navigate to the page via, 'Advanced / Administration / Portal Settings / Sizescale - manage the horizontal size grid

Please note these size scales are only relevant if your portal is set up for Apparel Matrix Format.

Within this page, you may add, delete or edit existing size scales. 


Managing Size Scales

The Manage page, will look something like this, depending on what size scales you have set up.

 Things to be aware of  :

Each size should only occur ONCE across all size scales, that means you cannot have size L in size scale A, and in size scale B at the same time.  This can cause Blast Ramp to mis-identify what size scale a style belongs to, and render it unable to display all available sizes for that Style.


A single color-way of a style can only be in ONE size scale.  This means if you have a size scale A - L, M and a size scale B - XS,S   You cannot have a style-color contain all the  sizes XS,S,M,L.  It is generally better to merge these size scales into one size scale, provided it won't make the size grid too long.


Adding a new Size Scale :

To add a new Size scale, select the 'New...' link at the bottom right hand corner, this will bring up a screen that looks like this :


This is where you will enter in the sizes available for the new size scale,   

The size scale should be entered as a comma separated list like XS,S,M,L  or : 2,4,6,8

For the first example, this would be for items that would have a SKU like 1000-BLK-XS, 1000-BLK-S, 1000-BLK-M and 1000-BLK-L.


Once you have entered in the size scale, hit the Save button, and this new size scale will added to the system.


Editing an existing Size scale :

To edit an existing size scale, you would hit the 'Edit' link in the Actions column of the table. This will bring up this screen:


This allows you to 'Hide' a size scale, which prevents these sizes from being displayed on the order forms, or inventory reports etc.

You can also add or remove specific sizes on a size scale using this tool.  Once you have made your changes, just hit the 'Save' button to save them into the system.


Deleting an existing size scale :

To delete an existing size scale, you would select the 'Delete' link in the actions column, and you will be prompted to confirm that you want to delete the size scale.


Select 'OK' to confirm, and delete the size scale.


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