Manually Upload Products from Brandboom to Blast Rramp

 Easiest is to create the SKUs or Upload the Linelist in Blast Ramp first, then Blast Ramp can send a copy to Brandboom without having to import into Brandboom separately.

  1. Make sure that a Linesheet/Season has been created for Brandboom in Blast Ramp
    See Setting up Linelist/Seasons 

  2. Check that a Price List is associated to Brandboom's pricing (ex: Wholesale, Retail) in Blast Ramp
    See Setting up System Price

  3. Check all sizes are setup in the Sizescale page
    See Setting Up Size Scale
  4. Navigate to: Advanced > Utilities > Upload Linelist via Copy and Paste from Excel

  5. With the products list exported from Brandboom’s Products page, paste the content into the first box.
  6. Fill out the second section as indicated below:

    Field Column in Excel Instructions
    SKU 1 Must be in the hyphenated format of the style-option-size. If not filled out, Brandboom will automatically generate this upon product export from Brandboom
    Product Description 2  
    Color Description 3  
    Season/Linelist Code 4  
    Are these SKUs in apparel format (style-color-size)? YES  
    UPC Code 5  
    Suggested Retail Price 6  
    Product Category 1 7  
    Product Category 2 8  
    Product Category 3 9  
    Product Category 4 10  
    Product Category 5 11  
    WHSL* 12 *Assuming the name of your target wholesale price list is the WHSL price list
    RTL* 13 *Assuming the name of your target retail price list is the RTL price list
    Select warehouse(s) to post linesheet to:   You should choose the warehouse that you have set up integration for
  7. To complete the upload:
    See Upload Linelist by Excel Import
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