Transfer Orders

When using a portal that has multiple DCs, unreleased orders may be transferred between locations, similar to editing an order. In the case where a released order needs to be transferred or edited, reverse the order, then transfer. 

Please refer to Adjust Released Order to instructions on reversing the order. 


Click here for Video on Transfer Orders


Navigation: Orders > Transfer Unreleased Orders

The Transfer unreleased orders page will list:

  • Order ID
  • Customer Name
  • Order Terms
  • Start Date and Expiry Date
  • Transfer to DC

- These headings can be used to Sort the Order information (by selecting the green arrow beside each heading).  The information displayed in blue text on this page allows you to select and gather more information. 



- Once the order you wish to transfer is located, using the dropdown on the right of the page, the DC location can be selected. 


- Once completed, scroll to the bottom of the page, enter name under "Authorized By:" and click Transfer.

- The order will disappear off that page and will show up under the location you selected. 


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