Stock Transfer

Stock transfers is a great way to move inventory from one location to another. Once a stock transfer ships from one DC, the inbound receipt is created under the receiving tab of the designated DC. This inbound receipt is then released and finalized. 

Note: IF you are integrated with a 3PL Warehousing, you must ensure under the customer account you say YES to Exclude from order file integration with external warehouse, so they do not receive the order.


Click here for Video Tutorial


Navigation: Orders > Create


- You need to select a Customer Account before you start creating the order. The best option is to create a Customer Account for stock transfers ei. Stock Buy Account (or something to that affect)



- Load the linelist and enter your quantities.



- Enter your Order Details and make sure you select "Stock Transfer To" from the drop down menu > Click Submit



- Now you're ready to Release the order so you can invoice out.

 - Go to Orders > Release to DC.

- Find your order as it will show (ST) at the end of the order so you know it's a stock transfer order. Once the orders have been checked off "Clear to Ship" at the far right of the page, scroll down to the bottom of the page and hit the “Release” button.


- You should come to a secondary screen showing you the Fill %. Anything in blue print, you can click on to see more information ei. Click on the % and you will see what SKUs can be filled. 

- Click Confirm Release



- You should see a final page showing "Successfully released the following orders:"



- Now you are ready to Update the order. Go to Orders > Update > Select the order for the drop down menu > Click Load.




-  Once the order is selected and loaded, the orders “Pick Details” may be entered.  There are open and mandatory fields for Picked By, Checked By, Packed By, # of Cartons, Weight and Freight Cost that must have a value.

*Note: If any of those fields are left blank the order will not update to Ship Manager screen. If you do not know them just put 0 as this is a stock transfer anyways.



- Go to Order > Ship > Check the Stock Transfer order > Click Ship to invoice out the order.



- You have successfully shipped the order and now it will show up on the Location under the Release Tab.


- Next make sure you change your Location at the top of the page, so you can see the inbound Transfer receipt in your Receiving tab.



- Click the Receiving tab, now you will see the Stock Transfer receipt listed under "Edit an Inbound Shipment". Here you can make any changes if needed.


 - Go to "Release an Inbound Shipment to DC"  to release the order.



- The Stock Transfer will now show up under "Finalize an Inbound Shipment" > Click GO.


 - The list of all the SKUs, the description, your Expected, Quantities and Location (--- is the default location in Blast Ramp) will display.



- Just scroll down to the bottom to enter your name under Rec Received by and Finalized by > Click Finalize



- You have successfully done a Stock Transfer from one location to another.




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