Inventory Reports Description

Available to Sell: This report shows all units still available for reps to sell.  Available to Sell will take into account units on the shelf as well as units being manufactured (entered in Production).  Any units booked in orders will not appear on the Available to Sell.

Current in Stock: This report shows all units currently on the shelf, regardless of whether or not they are booked in orders.

Active Shipment: This reports shows inventory on the warehouse shelf along with any shipments in transit.

Master Order Entry:  This report shows all Inventory Units/Value pre-booked in orders by SKU.  The quantities are in blue and links which Order ID the units are booked into.  The Master Order Entry can be exported to excel by selecting the excel link. This report can also be used to create a PO.

Supply Chain Analysis: This report is a dashboard for SKU reporting and viewing all functionality.  It lists quantities for all Inbound, Processes and Outbound SKU functionality.  The report category types are listed at the top of the report and the SKUs on the left.  All quantities are blue links that  provide associated Order and Receipt details.

Category Types in Supply Chain Analysis report:


Inventory Cycle Count: This is a printable report to use for Cycle counts.  This Report Lists all SKUs with quantities on the shelf and quantities released in orders.  There is a total count and a blank field for warehouse counts.  The SKUs can be sorted by SKU or Location by selecting the green arrow to the right of the header.  The quantities themselves are blue links that will display the tracking history of the SKUs. 

Inventory Cycle Counts – All Linelists: This report type will provide the same information and features as Inventory Cycle count report, but will do this for all Linelists in the warehouse. 

Original Warehouse View: This report may take a moment to load as it will load all Linelists and all SKU history.  It will show the SKU Name, Description, Total quantity (TOT), Currently Ordered Quantity (CO), Backordered Quantity (BO), Value, Unit type, Category and location.  The data may be sorted by these categories by selecting the green arrow beside the header.  The SKUs themselves are blue links and when selected will present the full history of the SKU. (Receiving, Orders, Returns, Inventory Adjustments).

Original Warehouse View – Defect Only: This report type will provide the same information and features as the Original Warehouse View Report, but will do this only for Defective Products.

*Note: If more than one DC is set up for the Portal, all Inventory Report types will have a “Combine all Warehouses” option.  Which will combine all the Linelist data from all Distribution Centers.  


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