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This area is to manage individual SKU and styles.

Click here to view video to Adding Individual Style

  1. To add a single new style, select Add new SKU
    Tip: If you are adding a new size/color to the style, use Copy SKU.
    This will ensure your format is the same as all other SKUs in this style.
  2. Fields with * are mandatory fields.
  3. If there are information you like the input and there are no available field for it, go to Custom Fields to create one before completing the SKU information
  4. To add color to the style, type color description in #3 of the screenshot below, then colorcode in box #4. To confirm the color, click Queue. Repeat for the next color for the style you are adding.
  5. Select the sizescale relating to the style you are adding in the dropdown. Click Queue.
  6. You will see checkboxes beside each size below the dropdown box.
  7. Check the box in add the size to the style.
  8. For prices, if the pricelist is not relevant to the style you are adding, enter “0”
  9. Select Unit Type, and Linelist/Season.
  10. After completing the new SKU form, click Create Product to add the SKU into the product list. Check the box beside Update ALL warehouses with information to add the SKU to all warehouse.

Tip: To confirm the format, type the entered Style into the Search bar at the top


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