Display SRP on Invoice

Invoices are default to only display the cost price to the customer. If the customer requests to have the Suggested Retail Price, there are 3 steps:

Step 1: Enable SRP display on invoice

  1. AdvancedAdministration DC Setting - General
  2. Select subsection Invoicing Load
  3. Check Display Suggested Retail Price on invoices
  4. Select the desired pricelist from Select Pricelist to show as SRP dropdown
  5. Click Update to save


Step 2: Check you have pricing for the pricelist selected

  1. InventoryMass Edit
  2. Select the Season
  3. Select the chosen pricelist in Step 1
  4. Click Go to display all SKUs within the Season. To shorten the load time, enter part of the SKU/Description/Location to limit the search
  5. On the last column, the chosen pricelist will be displayed and open for edit. Scroll to the very bottom and click Save when complete. 

IMPORTANT: If more than 50 SKUs, we do not recommend selecting Update all DCs with changes


Step 3: Print/View/Email Invoice

  1. View order
  2. Select SRP Invoice (Beta)
  3. The selected SRP pricelist is displayed in the last column on the right
  4. To Print, right click and select Print
  5. To Email, print to PDF and email as an attachment. For detailed instructions, please refer to Emailing Invoice to Customer 


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