Cross-dock Order Process

Cross-dock are pre-packed orders that arrive at the Distribution Center and need to be re-routed. Another case of cross-dock order is where the manufacturer ships directly to the retailer.

Cross-dock orders will not affect Inventory level, and will always allocate 100%. However, cross-dock orders are still required to be created, released, downloaded, updated, and shipped as a normal order.

Cross-dock orders is not included in the Master Order Entry report.

Click to view video on cross-dock orders

Step 1: Create Order

  1. Create a customer order as normal
  2. Select Order type Cross Dock
  3. Click Submit



Step 2: Release the order

Navigation: Orders > Release to DC

  1. The order will display (CD) after the Order ID to indicate it is a cross-dock order. Select the order to either Ship or Pack & Hold.
  2. Release


Note: When releasing cross-dock orders, it can only be filled 100% as it is not extracting information from your inventory level.

Tip: If you must ship a partially fulfilled order, reverse the order and edit the content. Create a separate order for the outstanding items.


Step 3: Download the pick ticket

Navigation: Orders > Download Pick

  1. Proceed as you would for regular orders. Note that CROSS DOCK ORDER is clearly displayed on the pick ticket.
  2. Click the back arrow on your browser to continue onto the next step.

Step 4: Update the pick ticket

Navigation: Orders > Update

  1. Select the order from the dropdown > Load.
    Because this is a cross-dock order, there is no picking, checking and packing, so the system autofills the Picked By, Checked By, and Packed By with "n/a-cross dock order".
  2. All it is required is # of Cartons, Weight, and Freight Cost
  3. Click Update to complete.

  4. Successfully updated message will display.


Step 5: Ship and Invoice the order

Navigation: Orders > Release PH or Ship

Release and Finalize same as regular orders. 




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