Master Order Entry Report

Use this for creating purchase orders and submitting our buys to vendors

  1. Inventory (old view) > Select one season/linelist > Select Report type: Master Order Entry 

    Click on the number for a pop-up window to get a list of associated order for that SKU.

  2. Click Create Purchase Order at the upper right corner

    Tip: When this button is missing, it means there is more than one season/linelist selected when the report was generated

  3. The quantity boxes are now open for edit. 
  4. Select a Manufacturer
  5. Enter Purchase Order ID (should only consist underscore, alphanumeric, and numeric characters)
  6. Click Create PO


*For a better performance and format, use the New view. But it does not have the pop-up window function. 

Inventory > New > report type: Master Order Entry 


 > New > report type: Master Order Addendum


MOE addendum will give you the sum of quantities ordered for the SKU to build a PO for all unreleased orders minus what is being manufactured (in the pre-existing PO)

 [Unreleased - ATA - being manufactured]


 Tip: The MOE report filters linelist by SKU, not order. This means that if a Sales Order contains products from two different linelist, SKUs will not be missed if a report is generated for each linelist.

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